MUST SEE: How One Filmmaker May Have Prevented the Bundy Standoff From Becoming a Massacre



Into the Breach: Did this New York filmmaker prevent bloodshed in the Nevada Standoff?


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

One man from New York no less may have prevented bloodshed Saturday in Nevada at the epicenter of the Bundy Ranch standoff.

As over a million people watched on Top Right News this week, patriots from across the nation forced Harry Reids goons to stand down from their persecution of Cliven Bundy and his family (see video here).

But what we didnt see until now is a remarkable moment that occurred at a very tense moment before the crowd of citizens forced the release of the cattle and the BLM retreated.

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch who has made his name producing documentaries from the Southern Border did not just film the Nevada Standoff, but became the story when he intervened, as he described it to FoxNews Megyn Kelly, to prevent a potential tragedy he saw unfolding. Remarkable footage of Lynch and the Bundy Patriots follows below.

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