Bill OReilly Says Americans Reject Syrian Refugees Because They Dont Trust Obama to Keep Them Safe



Fox News host Bill OReilly took to the airwaves Tuesday night to shed a little light on the real reason so many Americans arent in favor of bringing Syrian refugees into the country.

Turns out according to him people really dont think Obama and the Democrats are competent enough to fight terrorism and have already allowed terrorists and illegal alien criminals inside therefore they dont feel safe bringing refugees in that could be jihadists.

From TheBlaze:

The cold truth is the majority of Americans have no confidence that the Obama administration can protect them from harm; thats the crux of the matter, OReilly began. President Obama and the Democrats are so liberal, so frightened, so chaotic, they cannot provide security for We the People.

To support his claim, the host invoked the porous U.S. southern border.

After seven years, the Obama administration has not been able to secure the southern border, despite the deadly terror threat facing the U.S, OReilly continued. That is simply disgraceful, a danger to all of us and is directly on the president, who could not care less.

What President Obama does not understand is that he has lost all credibility in matters of security, the Factor host added. Allowing 10,000 Syrians into America would not endanger us any more than we are already endangered.

The signal sent to the president is: We do not trust you to protect us, so no more generosity to overseas visitors, OReilly concluded. The Democratic Party is completely ineffective in fighting terrorism.

OReilly is more right than he knows. As Top Right News reported in May 2014, a GOP Congressman discovered a shocking DHS report that revealed that 300 terrorists from the Somali Al Queda group Al-Shabaab the group behind a brutal terror attack at the Kenyan shopping mall that year have entered the U.S. and are unaccounted for.

How did they get in? Right across the Southern Border just months after Obama slashed Border Patrol boots on the ground by 60%.

And how can any American trust a president to protect us against Islamic terrorism…when he refuses to even utter the words Islamic terrorism?

And of course Hillary tag-teamed with the incompetent Obama to allow Libyas Mohamar Gadafi to be killed by Al Queda fighters, who then took over the nation, leading to a migrant flood sinking Europe, and a very active ISIS cell in country.

If the GOP can remind voters of Hillarys pathetic record on terror, she wont have a chance in 2016.


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