15 Alarming Before and After Pictures Of Climate Change That Will Absolutely Terrify You


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Nowadays its conventional wisdom that man-made global warming is having a devastating effect on the planet.

Whether its the rapid thawing of the polar ice caps, the wide-scale deforestation of dense jungle, or unprecedented floods displacing entire countries: climate change is one of the most potent and irreversible threats humanity faces.

In an attempt to highlight the issue, NASA have captured a series of alarming photos which show the drastic changes global warming has made to the earths landscape.

From Alaskas melting Muir glacier, to the waterlogged wetlands of Ecuador, NASA have been collating these series of before and after photos, called Images of Change, since 2009.

Randal Jackson, Internet manager for NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told Fast Company: Climate change is kind of an abstract concept for most people, or it feels like its something that happens invisibly or its going to happen in the future.

The Images of Change gallery gives us an opportunity to make it feel a little bit more real.

Credit: Photograph Sean Gallagher-Everydayclimatechange

Credit: Photograph Sean Gallagher-Everydayclimatechange

1. Deforestation, Brazil


Rondonia is part of the Brazilian Amazon, on the border with Bolivia. It is one of the peripheral areas undergoing expansion within Amazonia, growing from about half a million inhabitants in 1980 to more than 1.5 million in 2009.

Within the Brazilian Amazon, Rondonia has the highest deforestation rate.

It reached more than 34 percent in 2008, a drastic increase from 1978 when less than 2 percent had been cut.

The principal causes of deforestation in the Amazon as a whole and especially in Rondonia are population growth due to government-promoted immigration, the growth of the wood-products industry in conjunction with the expansion of the road network, and burning for management of pastureland and agricultural fields.

(source: NASA)


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