10 USA best travel destinations


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10 USA best travel destinationsWhen you want to take your vacation in the States it’s always hard to choose a place where to go. Because the US has a lot of impressive and we can honestly say spectacular places for every taste: from lovely beaches to megalopolises, casinos and waterfalls. Sometimes it’s impossible to believe that all these destinations are in one country! Take a look at the best Stateside travel destinations and choose the one you like the most.



10 USA best travel destinations1. New York
The most popular city in the world and it’s a must visit! It’s a crazy and at the same time an extremely attractive city. NY is particularly impressive at night and during the day as well. But if you’re going to New York, you need more than one week. This city is pretty big and you need time to see all the attractions.



10 USA best travel destinations– Statue of Liberty
You may think it’s a kitsch, but it’s not. If you’re in NY, come and visit the Statue of Liberty because pictures can’t show all the beauty. You can take a ferry and go to the statue and make your photos. Lady Liberty always strikes the perfect pose for you regardless of where you are to click the moment. Another variant is to use a commuter ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island, it’s free and you’ll see a statue close and also there is a great view from Manhattan.



10 USA best travel destinations– Top Of The Rock Deck or Empire State Building
One word – the view… A huge queue but it’s worth the wait! The view is breathtaking from both buildings, but what’s good about the Top of the Rock Deck is that you can see Empire State Building.



10 USA best travel destinations– Central Park
You can spend a whole day there! This park is 843 acres so be ready to walk a lot. Or you can rent a bicycle and have the best ride in your life. Then you can have a lunch on the grass with a Manhattan view. Then visit Metropolitan Museum of Art even if you don’t like museums. You can visit MMA’sroof top cafe, sip a drink and enjoy the view of Central Park.



10 USA best travel destinations– Times Square
There is no need to say a lot about this place. You just need to see these massive digital billboards (it’s better in the evening) and feel the real power of advertising.



10 USA best travel destinations– Brooklyn Bridge
This bridge is an engineering masterpiece. Just walk across this bridge to enjoy the view. On the Brooklyn side you can take in an impressive view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.



10 USA best travel destinationsThese destinations are a must see! But there are more places to visit, it depends on your taste. You can visit Yankee Stadium, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Bronx Zoo, Downtown Manhattan, 9/11 Memorial & Museum, Prospect Park, Coney Island, Rockefeller Center and of course Grand Central Station. And for those of you who want to really hit the neighborhoods and feel more like a local, take the advice of a “native New Yorker”. Find your perfect place to open your suitcase on AirBNB. A great hood to hang your hat is the West Village. WV has cool little places to eat, great shops, and less tourists than other locations. If you want to stay touristy, you may want to stay in mid-town.
You can have pretty much whatever you want, when you want it in NYC and with the help of websites like “yelp”, you can’t really go wrong. You’ll always know more or less what you’re getting into.



10 USA best travel destinationsNYC is a museum city – here’s a few more to go along with the MMA:. Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, the New Museum, the Guggenheim, and the Museum of Natural History.
More Parks: If Central Park doesn’t offer enough walking, go to the High Line which is a great park. Washington Square Park is also charming.



10 USA best travel destinationsThe Subway lines take you everywhere if you are exhausted from walking. Here’s our native’s tips on what you uncover when visiting the neighborhoods:
Lower East Side for good Chinese food.
West Village is for cozy chic places to eat and drink.
East Village for strange bars/characters.
Chelsea is for art galleries.
Soho is for shopping.
Harlem is for jazz.
Brooklyn is for hipster wannabes.
Wall street/financial district is where you go to look the devil in the face/admire the tall buildings.


Have fun!


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