Exciting Places on Earth


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    Exciting Places on EarthAre you bored sitting at your computer all day, wondering why you’re stuck in your depressing office? There are so many other-worldly places that exist right here on our planet that you haven’t been to! You’re here doing your daily work well and responsively while listening to your coworkers grumbling about the weather, traffic and slow computers.
    Wouldn’t you rather scuba dive in crystal-clear waters of the Great Blue Hole or bathe in the Pamukkale thermal pools? How about climbing a mountain in China or South America? Or being in awe of natural wonders such as Lake Hiller or The Reflecting Desert? Or what do you say to a romantic walk through the Love Tunnel?
    This world will never cease to amaze you. To help you hanker for traveling and to provide some breathtaking inspiration on places that will help you to escape the daily routine, here’s a selection of 10 exciting places in the world that you’d rather be right now.


    The Reflecting Desert
    Exciting Places on EarthNo, it’s not photoshopped! really unique place in the world that shouldn’t be missed is Salar de Uyuni or “salt flats” which is one of the highlights of a trip to Bolivia. It’s the world’s largest salt flat and definitely a dream destination. When it rains, it becomes the world’s largest mirror. The water on the salt flats never reaches a depth of more than 6 inches (15 centimeters) so you may have an exclusive sensation of walking on the surface of a mirror.

    Where does the reflection end and the sky begin?

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