29 Extraordinary Photos Of An Untouched Afghanistan


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This is Afghanistan as youve never seen or imagined it before.

French photographer Varial Cedric Houin travelled by donkey to capture the lives of nomadic tribes living out in northeastern Afghanistan in an area called Wakhan Corridor.

Houin spent two months living with tribes that inhabit in harsh and abandoned landscapes and call it home.

Wakhan Corridor is actually a stable part of the country but its hard to believe these people actually live there.

The 12,000 people living there replicate the way that their ancestors used to live by farming to survive and living in rural tents.

The photographer describe it as a colourful land and a wealth of hospitality even though there is a lack of resources and they live in harsh conditions.

Here are 20 striking shots Houin captured whilst living in the most untouched part of Afghanistan.



Young villagers living in the remote Wakhan Corridor area.


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